About us

Who and what are we?

Montage.be is a bilingual non-profit association.

The association is open to everbody who's working as in editor in the Belgian audiovisual sector, both for television and for movies, commercials, documentary, fiction or new media. But also student-editors of the different film schools are welcome.

The association wants to support the professionalization of the job and this within the current production reality. We also want to be inspiring towards all our colleagues. It's an association by editors for editors.

Montage.be has the following ambitions:


Promoting contacts and communication within the profession

We could say our job is rather solitary. The rise of virtual editing has greatly reduced contacts between assistants and editors. The big editing studios are replaced by smaller individual structures or with internal structures within a production company. Because of that we've noticed we don't no that many colleagues.

Promoting meeting times between professionals seems to us to be an essential mission.


Providing knowledge, experience and know-how

The passing of knowledge and experience is one of the polls of the association. But also passing of passion for our profession. For some it's the passion for storytelling and for others the passion for technology. The audiovisual world in which we work, knows a permanent evolution, let us evolve together...

Montage.be is a real exchange platform.


Promote the social aspects of the profession

The association also seeks to initiate a dialogue within the profession about working conditions, baremas, working hours, assistant tasks, evolution of the techniques and industry ...

We want to address these realities together.


Become the conversation partner

The association wants to be a representative partner to the official institutions, production companies and other professional associations and having not only the internal but also the external dialogue, thus promoting the recognition of our fantastic profession.