Become a member

Membership is an association with active members and affiliated members. Different conditions apply for both types of membership. You have to make a choice when signing up and you can change your choice every year. The membership fee is equal for both types of membership.

Active Members.

The active members distinguish themselves from affiliated members by their will to actively participate in the organization and functioning of the association.
They participate in the General Meetings and enjoy voting rights.

Affiliated members.

The affiliated members may participate in the General Meetings but do not have the right to vote.

Both the active and affiliated members enjoy the following benefits

  • All members have free access to the activities and events of
  • All members can participate in the forum
  • All members have access to potential video captures of events
  • All members get access to documents and any studies prepared by the association

Payment of the membership fee

€30,00 for professional editors
€​5,00 for student-editors and editors graduated at a filmschool in the last year ​