TEMPO (Association internationale des monteurs) et la solidarité avec l’Ukraine (EN)

Mar 4, 2022

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Save the date : Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

Solidarité avec l’Ukraine


Dear colleagues,

The situation in Ukraine has had an undeniable impact on the world, and many of us are anxiously looking for ways to make a difference. It makes a lot of sense for TEMPO to discuss this matter among our worldwide group of thousands of editors.
We therefore kindly invite all of you – and your members – to join the special TEMPO Zoom call on Wednesday evening, March 9th, 2022
During this meeting we would like editors from around the world to come together and discuss the best ways we can help those in need, and how to best show solidarity with our fellow filmmakers. 
In the days leading up to this meeting we invite you to use the TEMPO Slack channel to draft the wording for a statement which TEMPO could send out to the world. This draft can then be discussed and amended by all attending the Zoom call.
We also intend to use the TEMPO Slack channel to gather appropriate charities which we can present to the attendees, so please feel free to share ideas and make suggestions.

Please share the meeting details with your membership!

Everyone interested is welcome to attend. We have no idea how much interest there will be, but we can accept up to 300 participants.

Peace and love.



Meeting ID: 995 9831 1913

Passcode: 921429

Lon, Dub, Lisbon 19:00 / 7 pm
Brussels, Paris (CET) 20:00 / 8 pm
Los Angeles 11:00 / 11 am 
Toronto 14:00 / 2 pm
Bogota 14:00 / 2 pm
New York 14:00 / 2 pm 
Caracas 15:00 / 3 pm 
Buenos Aires 16:00 / 4 pm
Rio de Janeiro 16:00 / 4 pm
Brasilia 16:00 / 4 pm
Sao Paulo 16:00 / 4 pm 
Tel Aviv 21:00 / 9 pm
Johannesburg 21:00 / 9 pm 
Istanbul 22:00 / 10 pm 

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